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Christopher Werler

Christopher is a direct mail enthusiast. Direct mail is fun. His experience over 25 years with direct mail as an adult has its roots in childhood and the daily anticipation of getting the mail (“Mom, can I get the mail?“). Publisher’s Clearinghouse (Ed McMahon!) and Columbia House mailers with all the stickers and dreams of won cars were much fun to sort through. The Sears catalog, about 4 inches thick, hung about the house and could be browsed all year until the next year’s arrived. He got started in middle school, stuffing, licking, and stamping envelopes addressed to alumni, soliciting donations, and that extended to rounding up donations for charity bike rides from Boston to New York City, raising funds for AIDS research. Previous to founding Amherst Direct and his work with the company’s current clients, he has worked with such companies as Scholastic, Texas Instruments, Harlequin, Delta Education, Shutterfly and others. With Amherst Direct, he has built numerous campaigns from the ground up, some scaling into annual circulations in the tens of millions. He speaks about direct mail marketing at conferences and in online workshops. Christopher has an MBA from Sweden’s Stockholm School of Economics.

Amherst Direct team

Dianne Bermingham

Dianne is an all-around passionate direct mailer, with niche expertise in what matters most: lists. She has built her super-expertise in direct mail lists and all facets of circulation management over a 30-year career. Amherst Direct’s clients reap the rewards of her deep knowledge in list research, circulation planning, list hygiene, merge purge, vendor selection and management, and performance analysis. Previous to Amherst Direct, she has worked with companies such as J. Crew, Tweeds, Infogroup, and Gorsuch LTD. She revels in the search for good lists to recommend that our clients test. Dianne graduated from Cornell University with a BS in economics and communications – both perfect matches with the quantitative and creative elements required for direct mail marketing success.